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Easter Sunday Open Air

This morning we were able to share the good new of Easter alongside the crosses outside our hall as a witness to those passing by.

Thine be the Glory
Risen conquering Son
Endless is the victory
Thou o’er death has won


Easter 2017

“Do not be alarmed. You are looking for Jesus the Nazarene, who was crucified.
He has risen! He is not here! See the place where they laid Him.”


Tribute: Arthur Greaves

Arthur GreavesArthur Greaves first came into contact with the Salvation Army when he met Alf Wileman in 1939, in Shepshed, Leicestershire, where they were both evacuated to from Sheffield. Arthur used to go to the Army open-air and barrack them. Alf befriended him because they were both from Sheffield and he eventually persuaded Arthur to come back to meeting. After a week or two of attending the meetings he was converted. From then on he attended all the meetings and the Corps Cadets and he joined in whenever the young people were involved in anything. Alf taught Arthur to play tenor horn whilst at Shepshed, where he stayed until the end of the War. He then linked up with the Army upon his return to Sheffield, where he worked in the steelworks.

At the Citadel on Cross Burgess Street, Arthur spent a little time in the Junior Band before transferring to the Senior Band. He married Joan at the Citadel in the early 1950s. Arthur was a member of the Band for about 42 years, exclusively on the 2nd horn section – his ‘run up’ in the march The Canadian was always eagerly anticipated! Arthur went to Finland on the Band’s first overseas tour in 1966 and carried out many years sterling service as the band’s librarian (and also on the Kop at Bramall Lane, where he was renowned for berating both opposition players and referees alike. ‘Tha looks like tha’s been shipwrecked o’er a barrel’ was one of his well-known insults!)

Arthur spent the last few years of his life in a nursing home and so, sadly, was only able to come to worship at the Citadel occasionally.  He died in early February and is remembered fondly by so many.  A faithful servant, promoted to glory.


Thank you & Happy New Year

Thank You & Happy New Year


Happy Christmas



The Salvation Army Band prescribes dose of carolling to kids at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Media Release

The Salvation Army Band prescribes dose of carolling to kids at Sheffield Children’s Hospital

Children staying at Sheffield Children’s Hospital over Christmas will be getting a musical treat on Monday 19 December when members of the Sheffield Citadel Salvation Army Band perform especially for them.

From 6pm a group of musicians is set to tour the wards, playing traditional carols and Christmas songs to the young patients, their families, friends and hospital staff during the two hour visit to the hospital at Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TH.

TSA Sheffield Citadel Band Secretary, Rona Treeby said: “For me, this visit is the absolute highlight of our Christmas schedule, something every band member really looks forward to.

“We manage to get around most of the wards, including intensive care; provided the patients aren’t asleep and we’re not going to disturb them. For lots of the children it’s the first time they’ve seen a live band and they’re usually curious about how the instruments work and where the sound comes from.

“I think it helps them forget about their illness or injury while we’re there and it gets them really excited about Christmas which is just lovely to see and be a part of.”

The Salvation Army Sheffield Citadel Band starts its Christmas carolling rounds through Sheffield Children’s Hospital in S2 ward at 6pm on Monday 19 December and plans to stop off and perform on as many wards as possible during the visit which will last approximately two hours.

Musicians from Sheffield Citadel’s band, youth band and choir have been playing festive songs across the city since late November.  So far, they’ve performed for rush hour commuters at Sheffield Station and Christmas shoppers in Sheffield city centre, among other appearances.

They’re now gearing up to play even more shows at various venues — including care homes and homeless hostels — on their mission to share the joy of Christmas with as many people as possible.


SCB play to Sheffield commuters

Here’s a short video which George Torr from The Sheffield Star posted online, after seeing a small group of the Band playing carols to the early morning commuters in Sheffield.


Steel City Brass event to celebrate 135 years of Sheffield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army.

Press Release

The Sheffield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army are celebrating an incredible 135 years in service by holding an event aimed at thanking the local community and previous members for their support.

The concert, called Steel City Brass, will take place on Saturday November the 19 at 7pm and will feature contemporary and traditional music to celebrate the heritage of the band and the City.

The Citadel Band will be joined by the Unite the Union band and vocalist Stephanie Lamplough.

Unite the Union Brass Band is one of the most successful bands in Sheffield and South Yorkshire. The Band was formed in 1900 and over the years has performed under several different names, including Sheffield Recreation Band, Stocksbridge Band, and City of Sheffield Band. They are famous for appearing in the blockbuster ‘The Full Monty’

Sheffield Citadel Band of the Salvation Army Band Master Keith Wileman said:

“It’s a fantastic way for us to celebrate in the heart of the community we serve and having the Unite the Union band join us will really add to the variety of music as well as sense of community on the night. Music is an important part of how The Salvation Army celebrates and a 135 anniversary is certainly a fantastic opportunity to do so. We will also be welcoming many former band members joining us at the event.”

Tickets can be purchased for £5 from The Salvation Army Hall on Psalter Lane.


Black Dyke return to Sheffield Citadel

Last week Black Dyke were in Sheffield for their annual concert at Psalter Lane.  It was a great evening of excellent music and good fellowship.  Check out some photos taken during the evening

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135th Anniversary Band Reunion

Sheffield Citadel Band’s 135th Anniversary Reunion weekend got off to a rousing start with Kevin Larsson’s “As We March” before Bandmaster Keith Wileman invited former members of the Band to come forward where they were welcomed & thanked for their service within the Band, before many of them then took their places in the massed Band of 60 musicians to play their part once again.

Former bandsmen had travelled from as far afield as Mexico, Holland & Northern Ireland, as well as the length & breadth of the UK to share in a weekend of fellowship, music & memories under the leadership of Lt Col Trevor Davis.  The day had commenced with a time of fellowship & renewing acquaintances, before an afternoon rehearsal and celebration tea.  For some it was the first time that they had returned to the Corps in many years and so it was a great opportunity to share in this time together.

During the evening former Sheffield Citadel bandmasters each took their place at the front of the Band to conduct pieces selected because of their particular relevance.  Brian Towse was the first to lead the Band in the appropriately entitled Leslie Condon march “Celebration”, during which Bandmaster Towse invited the 200 strong congregation to join in singing “Keep the Old Flag Flying” which was greeted with much enthusiasm by all.  Bandmaster Norman Short then led the Band in the playing of the classic Dean Goffin meditation “The Light of the World”.  Ian Wileman, who served twice as Bandmaster, most recently until 2001, conducted the Band in the popular festival arrangement “Daniel” (Gott) and Bandmaster Roland Hill led the Band through the reflective selection “By Love Compelled”.  Other Band pieces included during the evening were Leslie Condon’s “Call of the Righteous” and William Himes’ meditation “The Blessing” following which the Lt Col spoke about Paul talking to the church at Philippi about the importance of now and how, although reunions and nostalgia are great, the most important thing is where we are in our journeys today and who we are today.

The evening also included vocal items: “This Little Light” presented by the massed band and 2 vocal solos “A Different Man” sung by Leslie West and the aptly entitled “It’s been a Wonderful Day” – a true reflection of the whole weekend – which was sung by Andrew Wileman.  The festival concluded with the Band’s signature march “Sheffield Citadel” written by the late Bandmaster Herbert Mountain.

On Sunday Lt Col Davis led worship at the Corps and focused on ‘Moving For Christ’ and ‘Standing For Christ’, the Band’s theme for this its 135th Anniversary year.  His message was direct and simple and the congregation was both challenged and blessed by his ministry and leadership.

For those who were unable to share in the celebratory weekend, the festival and Sunday meetings are available to watch online on the Sheffield Citadel Livestream webpage.

Click here for photos taken during the weekend

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