Over 180 Years’ Service

In worship on Sunday, Sheffield Citadel recognised the service of three Sheffield Citadel Bandsmen who were retiring from the Band after a combined 180 years’ service!

Bandmaster Keith Wileman thanked Royston Hartley, Keith Leek and Brian Huggins on behalf of not only himself and Sheffield Citadel Band today, but on behalf of the 9 bandmasters and multiple officers with whom they have served.  He also paid tribute to their wives, Betty, Margaret and Ruth for the support which they have also provided over those years.

Royston Hartley received his Bandsman’s commission in 1960 and was Band Secretary for many years, arranging away weekends and overseas tours, always ensuring that everything ran smoothly and efficiently for the Bandmaster and the Band.

Keith Leek transferred along with his family, to Sheffield from Bradford in the 1970s.  He was Band Sergeant for several years and Bandmaster Keith Wileman spoke of his encouragement to him personally as well as to those Bandmasters before him.

Brian Huggins moved to Sheffield as a young man and served as a Bandsman at the Sheffield Woodhouse and Sheffield Citadel Corps where he has always been a spiritual support and influence to others.

On presenting them with their retirement certificates, Major Jim Duff thanked the Bandsmen for the commitment they have made to their music ministry and how they have consistently used that ministry to share the gospel and the good news of Jesus for God.

We thank God for the witness they have made to so many and for their dedication to God through their music ministry.

180 years of dedicating talents to God through music in The Salvation Army, encouragers and witnesses for Christ.

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November 2021
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