Thanks & farewell

SCB are fortunate to have a number of students within our Band fellowship but obviously their time with us is limited & we eventually have to say good bye to them.  Unfortunately some of these students have now completed their studies and are leaving Sheffield and so it’s with some sadness that we now wave goodbye to Laura Robinson, James Morley & Greg Waters as they have packed up their bags (and instruments!) and are returning to their respective home towns & Corps.

Laura has been a member of the elite trombone section & has also presented saxophone solos during SCB festivals. She now returns to Stapleford.

James has also been a member of our unique trombone row & has helped out with the YP Band during his time with us too.  He now returns to Norwich and we look forward to catching up with him when SCB visit Norwich in September.

Greg wasn’t content with just playing one part in the band.  He started off on percussion but quickly decided that he really wanted to sit on the lovely back row of cornets instead.  Greg will be going back to Felixstowe for a few weeks before taking a working (?!) year out in Australia.

We wish all of our students well as the move forward in their respective careers. and we thank them for their contribution to our fellowship over the past 3 years.  We’ve enjoyed sharing with you in music & worship over and we look forward to hearing how you all get on in the future.

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